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How to build and hire the right team without failures

Sooner or later, new and expanding companies need to hire and fire people, in order to continue rolling out their brilliant idea. This chapter is included in the book as a bonus. It actually touches on a complete topic, all by itself.

As covered earlier, a brilliant idea needs to be implemented by the right people – all businesses are made up of people. Therefore, if you can’t or don’t hire the right people, your idea may never be implemented brilliantly. Actually, implementation has to be part of the brilliant idea, or it’s not really brilliant at all. How can something be brilliant, if it never becomes visible? Hiring the wrong people can also be very expensive, both in time and resources.

Before you actually sign a contract and hire someone you’ve interviewed, make sure you will actually be able to work together. It’s an excellent idea to invite a prospective hire to a social event at your company, to an informal dinner party, or some other such gathering. If you can have a beer and have a good time outside the work environment, chances are good that you’ll also be able to work together. Great teams have great synergy; test out prospective hires on the team. Observe natural communication tendencies between them.

Another pointer: It often works out best to choose new personnel not so much on the basis of specific skills, but rather for sharpness, alertness, the ability and willingness to learn rapidly, and to competently, creatively apply what’s learned.

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