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Reviews from users are the new power

Make sure you meet the needs of your target group. If you manage that, you will have built yourself a powerful and far-reaching marketing machine that works for free and is trusted by new users far above advertisements, PR actions and commercials.If you can manage to earn five-star user feedback, you should show it off, far and wide.

Live user reviews and feedback are powerful tools. How do you use feedback on your site and in your promotions, to impress prospective new buyers? Present the feedback you receive in such a way that it emphasizes the factors that most clearly differentiate your company and its offerings, and those that offer customers the greatest value – the ways you’ve solved your problems and met their needs in ways that are simpler, cheaper and smarter.

One caution in doing this: do not remove or change parts of reviews, even if they are strictly subjective, or not entirely factual. As long as they are not direct lies, or outright insulting, reviews posted “as is” will make your feedback page look real and worthy of trust.

For an example of how to do all this, have a look at our user feedback page on the Billy’s Billing website: www.billysbilling.com/review

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