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How to make sure you make the right hire

Sometimes job candidates are highly skilled sweet-talkers, saying things they have calculated that you want to hear. They may even perform beautifully on tasks and other tests you’ve arranged, even though they actually would end up being a poor hire. In short, hiring is tricky and difficult! Here is a list of advice to make it more easier and successful.

1. Make sure the person fits your culture, as well as your qualifications

Could you go out and enjoy getting a beer with the person? Of course, you cannot ignore qualifications, but you most definitely cannot ignore culture and personality either. It’s important to strike a balance here. You aren’t trying to hire yourself a new buddy to hang out with, but you are going to be working hard with and depending upon the person you eventually choose. Good basic qualifications can be built upon. A sour cultural fit can be very hard to remedy, and can lead to needless and counterproductive stress and friction.

2. DO NOT hire just for the sake of completing the hiring process

Follow your intuition. If you’ve got reservations or doubts, it may be better to hire provisionally. For instance, hire on a two-week trial or probationary basis. It could save you, the company, and the new hire a lot of grief later on.

3. Hire the best

Make it a firm decision for yourself, and make it clear to anyone else concerned, that unless you find the right applicant, you will not hire anyone. You’ll eventually find the right person if you stick to your standards without compromise. It’s worth it.

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