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How to get the best applicants

Build up your online content about your company culture. If you can build a name and a reputation, it will be easier to hire people. You can begin giving your company “personality power” by setting up a team page on your website, as well as a blog that’s regularly posted to and commented on, and profiles of each team member. The very best companies do not even have to go looking for new people. People come to them.

In addition:

1. Make your company’s culture clear

Be loud and clear about what you give your team members, how being part of your team benefits them. While you’re at it, also be clear and direct about what you and your team will expect of new teammates. People need and want to feel that they are contributing to the mission, and that their contributions are valuable, needed and appreciated.

2. Talk personally with applicants, and give them a realistic idea of what it’s like to work at your company

Potential employees have the right to a down-to-earth snapshot of day to day activities at your company. Give them a clear picture of “how it is to work here.”

3. Give the applicant a “top ten values” sheet

What are the top ten values in your company? You can make this list the introduction to a job interview. It’s extremely important for an applicant to understand the company, and that they have a personal interest in what it is and what it does.

4. Go to where the best applicants are

Seek out places where top-grade prospects for your particular business are most likely to be found. Schools, clubs, forums, job fairs – give it some thought. Where would someone have found you, if you had been looking for a company like yours?

5. Networking is always good

In looking for potential hires while networking, it’s more important to look for the right type of person – not necessarily for someone with a particular educational background or specific skill set. Great people learn and adapt quickly.

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