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Your company, and implementing your idea in daily work life

The best ideas to work with are those that disrupt existing ways of looking at and thinking about things. These are ideas outside the boundaries of conservative thinking.

Here are some examples of what happens when a first mover (an individual or company) takes some old, offline solution to a problem or need, and takes it online. Sometimes they don’t take this far enough – they stop short of kicking a good idea upstairs, all the way to brilliant.

Never just take a product or service without fully exploiting the advantages to it being available online. Something that works pretty well in the offline world very often can be made much more efficient and smart in the online world.

1. Offline accounting to online accounting software

Billy’s Billing made accounting accessible to everyone by focusing on the end user instead of focusing on the accountants and their needs. We value entrepreneurs and sought to cure their pain associated with accounting.

2. Paper to word to cloud

Google Docs took a good idea – Word – and made it brilliant by taking advantage of the storage and sharing capabilities of the cloud. Over the years, many compa- nies had tried to compete with Word, but it wasn’t until Google Docs that competition was real.

3. Letter to fax to email

The inventors of e-mail were not especially smart – they just put letters online, in much the same format as they had on paper. Now people are certainly writing more, but not necessarily smarter. We have yet to see a truly brilliant idea in this area!

Every idea has its own evolution. Its details change as time goes forward. Before you launch anything, make sure that you’ve come up with something truly new, creative and brilliant. You need a new idea, with a company to implement it in such a way that it will make a big impact, and take its place in a unique area. Think it through, and you can change the way people do things. In the end, it’s that sort of idea that’s valuable in the extreme.

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