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How to make attractive special offers

Special offers are a common tool with most businesses. It’s worth taking some time to expand your knowledge of how to create attractive and advantageous offers – offers that convert into more orders and higher revenues.

Here are some rules of thumb:

1. Any special offer should be time-limited.

This means the customer has to take advantage of the offer within a stated time. This forces him to make a decision right when the offer is presented. If he puts off his decision, he loses the opportunity.

A good example of this is Hotels.com – they offer great deals on hotel stays, but their offers are strictly time- limited. If you don’t buy within three days, you just don’t get the deal. They send out an email announcing the deal, then maybe a reminder a day or two later, and then that’s it – the offer expires.

One caution: don’t use the same limited-time offer too often, or your customers won’t take it seriously. They’ll know that if they don’t take you up on today’s “special, limited-time-only!” offer, there will be another one exactly like it in a week or two – so there really isn’t any need to pounce on the deal. All neighborhoods have that one jewelry store with the perpetual “going out of business” sale. At first it may draw additional customers, but after some time, potential customers have become immune to this tactic.

2. Make your offer very clear to prospective customers in terms of how much they will save, the great value they’ll receive, and other details – make it clear, make it excit- ing, make it too good to pass up.

3. Internet shoppers are often short on patience. Make it very clear what they have to DO to take advantage of your offer. Give them a big “take action” or “order now” button. The easier it is to take you up on your great offer, the better.

4. Offers that are too general are not effective at all. Make sure that your offer is personal to the customer – very relevant to his or her needs, wants and interests. The more specific the offer, the better it will convert.

If you follow these rules, you’ll have offers that rock your sales and grow your customer base.

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