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Know the differences between rational and emotional choices

We all think that we are rational thinkers – but the truth is that we are very often irrational and emotional instead; much more than you might imagine. After we do irrational things, or make irrational puchases, we just rationalize them afterwards, according to Keld Jensen, an Associate Professor at Thunderbird University. Applying this to customers, they buy with their feelings most of the time. This means that they can be influenced by all sorts of factors surrounding your company and its offerings.


  1. Do they like the colors of your website?
  2. Do they see your website as being trustworthy?
  3. Do they have a good general perception of your company?

Once customers have gotten past such things, they’ll start looking for features and information about your product. Don’t make the mistake of thinking customers are always just looking sensibly at the features, prices and so forth.

Once you’re aware of this emotional factor, you can work out how to appeal to it, as an important part of your overall marketing efforts. Use colors and other design factors, as well as the tone and quality of your copy and content, to make your website look professional and trustworthy. Give visitors a comfortable feeling, and assure them that they’ve come to the right place. You’ll find a more comprehensive list of these factors later on in this book.

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