- 4.7.3 -

Before giving something away, be sure you'll be getting something in return

If you have a great product, you do not want to go giving it away without receiving something in return.

Here are some examples of what you might get in return:

1. If you offer a longer contract or subscription at no addtional cost to the customer, your return is a loyal, longer-term customer.

2. If you give a “happy hour” type discount – two products for the price of one – you’ve added to the customer’s value received, at no cost to you (of course, this only applies to products such as software, where you have no per-product material, inventory or shipping expenses). Here your return is a happy customer who will keep coming back, buy additional products, and refer friends and associates.

3. Loyal customer discounts – the more they buy, the more extras you provide in return (extra user licenses, extended subscriptions, etc.). Your loyal customers get special privileges that other customers don’t. Once again, your return is an even happier and more loyal customer, who will give you repeat business, additional business, and referred customers.

The reason it makes sense to distinguish between your cus tomers is because loyal customers are worth quite a lot more than shop-once-and-never-come-back customers.

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