- 4.2 -

Your USPs

USPs (unique selling propositions) are a key to differentiat- ing your company from your competition. Your USPs should make it obvious to your customers what they get from you, that they cannot get from anyone else. Everyone on your team should be very, very aware of this, too – everyone aboard wears a marketing hat!

Using what you already know, plus the principles in this book, you should be able to work out three to ten USPs for your company and its offerings. As you write these down, think of the value of each one, and the unique benefits the end customer gains from them. The more concrete and tangible your USPs are, the better. Here are some suggestions, to jump-start the USP process:

  1. How much does the customer save by using your product, compared to your competitors’ products (both substitutes and direct competitors)?
  2. Is your product more closely targeted to a particular group or groups, and therefore a far better “fit” for these customers?
  3. What does your company do that’s very special and very
    different than your competitors?

Make sure that you let your prospective customers know about your USPs in one way or another – in fact, in as many ways as possible! Your USPs should be reflected in every part of your business, inside and out. It’s your USPs that make your company and its products uniquely valuable, and everyone should know about them!

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