- 3.3.4 -

Early entry is better than too late

A common mistake among start-ups is launching too late. They delay in an effort to make their offering perfect. A wise man once said, “Do not let ‘perfect’ destroy ‘good’.” In other words, sometimes “good” is all that’s really necessary for a successful product. This is especially pertinent if you’re a start-up company; you need to test and get feedback early on, so you don’t waste time on features that users don’t need or care about. You can create user loyalty if you roll out upgrades on a regular basis. That gives the users a feeling of improve- ment and that the company is listening to its users.

Look at it this way: The more you fail (especially early on) the better your product gets. There’s an important rule to follow in this early testing: Make it crystal clear to every test user that you are testing the product; they are being given the op- portunity to try the product either for free, at low cost, or with extra benefits.

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