- 3.3.3 -

Destroy existing thought-frames

Some of the best new ideas involve disruption of familiar products or services, and widely accepted mindsets or “thought-frames.” Once again, Skype is a great example – the first real replacement for traditional long-distance phone service.

And again we come back to Apple, which turned a laptop into a design icon. So, one effective route to a brilliant idea is to consider this: “How can I destroy people’s current way of thinking about a need or problem?” The objective is to find a way to re-shape people’s mindsets for the better. Better for them, and better for you, too.

This is no easy task. But it’s surely worthwhile, and perhaps the surest way to become a monstrously successful second mover.

Challenge the usual and think smarter

The end result should be one or both of the following:

1. The price users pay to solve the problem or fill the need will be drastically lowered.

2. The problem will be solved or the need will be filled in a way that’s far easier and more convenient for users.

Those who can destroy an existing thought-frame can create a unique cupcake for themselves, and escape the copy cake area. Instead of being just one more competitor in a crowded market, you create your own new market. There will be no direct competitors – at least not at first. Instead, you’ll stand alone, offering your potential customers a product or service that solves a problem or fills a need in a unique way – more easily and/or at lower cost than any traditional option.

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