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Remind yourself to keep your idea's uniqueness fresh

By now, you’ve gotten the point that uniqueness and differentiation give you many advantages over your competitors. However, what is unique today may very well become plain standard tomorrow. This might be because the market is moving so very rapidly. It might be because the idea you thought was unique turned out to be easily copied and left you only with a brief advantage. In any case, remember that change is the only constant and make sure that reviewing and refreshing your brilliant idea is also a constant with you and your team. Innovation is key to your ongoing success.

Do not be afraid of someone stealing your idea.

Don’t be scared of people copying your idea, unless it’s an idea that will save the world. If an idea can be copied over- night, it is too simple, and you’ll need to work on it further. Particularly as described under point six of the six parts of a unique idea (page 44). It’s rare that an idea is so great and simple that others are able pirate it, and steal your success. With the majority of ideas, the team behind the idea and the methods of its implementation are essential to success – not just the idea itself.

Ideas are usually unique to a certain stage.

The reason copying an idea isn’t a quick and simple propo- sition lies in the team of minds and the tacit knowledge be- hind it. However, a person or company with only ONE idea is vulnerable. A single basic idea can be enough to bring success, but you need to be able to diversify, extend and expand upon it for success to continue.

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