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I wrote this book for you

This book is geared primarily toward online companies, how- ever the principles and guidelines are universal for all businesses, whether online or off. Online businesses will , however, find the greatest and most immediate impact of my jewels of wisdom.

Out of Business

Online businesses generally enjoy far greater flexibility than more traditional companies. They can change their profiles, price plans, services and products much easier. Even the look and “feel” of the company can be shifted readily in the fluid environment of cyberspace. This easy adaptability makes it extremely important for any online company to be aware of the principles outlined here, and to actively apply them to become unique in their particular markets and among their competitors.

The book will be of especially great help to new start-ups – and to established organizations wanting to re-brand themselves or prepare for greater growth.

The book consists of practical guidelines for both newbies and experienced entrepreneurs – both will find it loaded with invaluable basics, recommendations and tips.

You’ll notice that online software companies are frequently mentioned, and used in examples and illustrations. This is simply because I’m most intimately familiar with the online business world, and I originally intended this book for soft- ware company owners and entrepreneurs. However, the principles and techniques I lay out are applicable to all companies with an online presence. As I looked around the offline world, a light bulb flickered in my brain; these principles are univer- sal.

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