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Author's Introduction

I’ve had the privilege of mentoring many start-up companies, acting either as a judge or an advisor in start-up competitions (Start-up Bootcamp 2012 and Danish Entrepreneurship Award 2011). I’ve blogged as an expert on the entrepreneur site Amino.dk, and served as president of several companies such as The Brilliant Entrepeneurs, Billy’s Billing, and Slideshop.com.

Too often, I meet entrepreneurs who have forgotten this very important fundamental: Success depends entirely on offering a high-quality product that’s unique and well differentiated from its competitors! This is why I work constantly on guiding and advising online companies in the practical steps that go into building a unique and differenti- ated company, offering unique and differentiated products.

Because I so often see entrepreneurs whose company profiles are missing the vital element of uniqueness, and with the lack of books on the subject, I wrote Grandma’s Secret Recipe – to help entrepreneurs and small business owners easily understand this important concept.

I hate long, complicated books that put the answers to prac- tical challenges out of reach. They take simple, direct solu- tions and complicate them endlessly, placing them in some unreachable place, out of reach of the aspiring entrepreneur. Such a person doesn’t have days, weeks or months to get to the essence of the subject. I have distilled my ten years of accu- mulated knowledge into a good, stiff cocktail of hands-on tips, recommendations and guidelines that you can implement im- mediately– even before you’ve finished the entire book.

In this book you will learn:
1. Precise and concrete recommendations for evolving a unique and well-differentiated business idea.
2. How to spot bad ideas early, and avoid failures.
3. Specificguidelinesforqualifyingyouridea–determin-
ing whether it’s good enough, or in need of refinement.
4. Why a business based on brilliant ideas and uniqueness has so much more success potential than one trying to go head-to-head with closely related companies.
5. How to assemble and work with a powerful, effective team to develop and implement your brilliant ideas.

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