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Foreword To Grandma's Secret Recipe

On a daily basis, I open up my inbox and check my e-mail. And sometimes, one of the unread e-mails popping up is from someone pitching me this great new idea that will change the world for the better.

In today’s market, you can be sure of this: investors will tell you to come up with a unique idea. Something that’s never been seen before, something that will disrupt the field of play and – ultimately – make wheelbarrows full of money to be shoved all the way down to the bank, humming as you go like a treasure goblin from the fairy tales.
This is what the investors want. But this is not the picture painted full. Ask yourself this: how many great ideas have you seen come and go? How many start-ups have held gigantic launch parties, been all over the press, yet a year after you’ve never heard from them again? Too many.

We all have desires and dreams for the future, yet nobody sur- vives just because of an amazing PowerPoint pitch. The only constant in the world is that the world always changes – and we change with it.

Now, entrepreneurs stand out as a rare breed because of their undivided attention towards perfecting the art of the change, intently listening to the voice of the change: the idea.

So what is a good idea? What is the secret recipe that will make an idea explode like fireworks dissipating beautifully across the night sky? And what is the secret recipe used to bake into the idea the durability that will battle-harden it, prolonging its life span for many years to come? This is what Grandma’s Secret Recipe is all about.

In his book, Toke Kruse takes you by the hand and guides you through his landscape of entrepreneurship, bringing you onboard a journey that starts with a simple observation at a café in Copenhagen and ends with having you equipped with the right knowledge to answer the most important questions: Does your idea work? Who are your competitors? What stra- tegy should you pursue? Who should you hire for your team? And how do you tie together all the knots to create something impossible to copy?

You are like me. You have a great idea. Now you’re ready for the next step: follow down the exciting path that Toke Kruse is setting out for you, embracing change and bringing your idea to life – making sure it is truly unique.

Kasper Tidemann
CEO, meemo Inc.

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